Capri Sun billionaire was on his 235-foot-long superyacht when it crashed not once but twice in spite of it being controlled by 12 onboard computers. The $82 million vessel that boasts a swimming pool, helipad, and even a hospital had almost destroyed the dock in Saint Maarten.

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Go is the name of a stunning 235-foot motor yacht built by Turquoise Yachts in Turkey for Capri Sun juice tycoon Hans Peter Wild. The ship, with its Tiffany blue hull, looks like a gem of the high seas, and there are many reasons to admire this yacht. While the hull is an attention-grabber, the boat deserves accolades for its features as well.

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This sleek vessel was designed by the English designer house H2 Yacht Design, which worked on both its exterior and interior. The blue-hulled beauty comfortably accommodates up to 16 guests in 8 suites. Its massive owner’s deck, highlighted by a forward-facing suite over the bow, offers not only fantastic vistas but also access to a private outside deck area with a spa pool.

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The owner and his guests have plenty to enjoy aboard this $82 million pleasure craft, from hopping aboard in the grand lobby to exploring the vessel using an elegant staircase or a full-sized elevator that goes up to the sundeck.

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The yacht features an impressive beach club, helipad, swimming pool, hospital, steam room, beauty salon, and a wide variety of toys and tenders. Go houses luxury tenders such as a limo tender up to 10m and a multipurpose tender up to 8m.

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The impressive boat is controlled by a network of 12 computers, which once led to a mishap, as discussed below. Powered by twin diesel Caterpillar (3516C) 2,575hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 15 knots and reaches a maximum speed of 18 knots, with a range of up to 5,500 nautical miles.

The superyacht had crashed twice with the billionaire owner onboard –
In 2021, the 235ft vessel ‘Go’ collided with the dock outside an elite yacht club in Simpson Bay, St Maarten, per Mirror. During the accident, the 2008 GT vessel damaged a jetty and a concrete wall. At the time, 79-year-old billionaire Hans Peter Wild was aboard and witnessed the misfortune firsthand. ‘Yes, I saw everything firsthand.

The yacht is controlled by 12 computers networked together, which is the most modern technology available, yet the systems failed,’ he added. ‘The Captain reacted brilliantly. We were unable to maneuver for a short time, which could have ended badly for the people in the yacht club we were heading towards. Some didn’t recognize our situation and sat quietly. And if we had hit the harbor bridge, the harbor would not have been usable for a year because of the repairs. The jetty has now been restored, the insurance has paid, and the boat is also in full working order again.”

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Souirce – Capri Sun

Who is Dr. Hans-Peter Wild?
The tycoon, worth $3.4 billion, owns Capri Sun, the famous fruit juice brand from the 1960s. According to Forbes, his father founded WILD Flavors in 1931, supplying flavors and extracts, sweeteners, and fermentation technology. The 82-year-old joined the family business in 1974 and expanded its portfolio. After several successful decades, the man, who has a doctorate from the University of Mannheim’s Department of Law, sold the last stake in WILD Flavors to Archer-Daniels-Midland in 2014 for a cool $3 billion in cash. The businessman, who lives in Switzerland, treats his private jet and superyacht Go as his office. As for the iconic Capri-Sun, the drink is now sold in 110 countries.

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