Symmetry 590-feet Super Yacht spans fulfills fantasy of an infinity pool in the middle of the ocean

Bathed in extravagance and grandeur, the Symmetry sails into our aspirations and desires. This 590-foot super yacht has enough to offer every connoisseur of luxury. With six decks that span the length of the structure. The exterior deck is 10,700 square feet in area and comprises of the usual deck space but throws in a garden and saltwater pool. If you want to accommodate your personal self away from the bustle of the ocean and people, there’s something for them on the owner-exclusive deck. It offers a state room, an office, a library, a sky lounge and outdoor area with lounging furniture.

You can comfortably accommodate 34 guests and 48 staff members on board. You would need this army of associates to make your experience truly fulfilled because there’s a number of things to handle including dining areas, lounges, bars, gardens, a gymnasium and a number of reasons to be art the exterior swimming pool. The Wheelhouse Deck houses a dual steering arrangement that offers bi-directional maneuverability.

Describing what lays instore for any buyers, Designer of the Symmetry, Sander J. Sinot, said, “The yacht’s layout is created by symmetrically building up from the center, instead of using the traditional linear set up.”

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The Symmetry was showcased at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show in September and till this date holds many minds in bedazzled wanting.

[ Via : Robbreport ]

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