Take a look at China’s most expensive car that costs more than a Rolls Royce

Chinese luxury car company, Hongqi, has been creating sleek rides since 1957 and their latest offering is set to be the country’s most expensive car yet. The Hongqi L5 is a retro modern sedan and the first of its kind sold for over $800,000 to a Nanjing based car enthusiast at the Beijing Auto Show. The car is equipped with a 6.0 liter V-12 engine and produces 402 hp. and 405 lb/ft. of torque. The car also features intelligent 4-wheel-drive technology and an adjustable hydro-pneumatic suspension. Rumor has it that the designers of this old school ride were inspired by Chairman Mao’s 1960s era Hongqi CA770 sedan. The front, with its round headlamps and radiator grille, noticeably references the CA770 which was launched in 1966.

Hongqi means “red flag” in Chinese, so it’s no surprise that these cars tend to be the chariots of the Chinese Communist Party leaders. The inside of the car is certainly fit for a king. Look out for details like celadon-jade door handles, hand-carved wood inlays, perforated leather upholstery, a tablet center console and a Bose sound system.
The internet’s opinions on this car are pretty polarized, with some criticizing the archaic design while others praise the efforts of China’s homegrown auto industry. Wang Zhonghua, the Nanjing based buyer of the first L5 seems happy with his purchase and is set to receive his ride in about three months. What do you think of this made in China car?



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