Take a peak inside the $52 million Embraer Lineage 1000E private jet

Considering A-list celebrities, politicians and royalty always have some funds to spare, we highly recommend splurging $52 million on this beauty. The Embraer Lineage 1000E – as it’s called – is a stunning masterpiece. And if you find it hard to cough up this whopping price, you could always rent this jetsetter for $12,800 an hour for your luxurious long-haul flights.

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Entailing a colossal amount of board storage – yes, a crazy 323 cubic feet – we’d say its superlative for far-flung shopping trips.

Of course the sky is not quite the limit.
‘It’s not big enough to take a racehorse or grand piano,’ Simon Wheatley of UK broker AirPartner comments; ‘For that, you’d need an additional freighter.’
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The cabin of the plane is divided into five areas, which includes a master bedroom complete with queen bed and walk-in shower.
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Fortunately for those used to ultra-luxury, the Lineage 1000E is the longest executive jet entailing space for a comfortable double bed.
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Space is key and this definitely does not disappoint. Measuring a width of 8ftby a height of 6 ft, the central living area adorns white leather banquettes and fine wool carpets. Finding that too much? Buyers are entitled to a bouquet of options from 700 fabrics and dozens of carpet options.
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While most planes of this size would squeeze up to 90, the aircraft’s staff prefers to accommodate entourages of up to 19, though three pilots may be contracted on long-haul flights, instead of the usual two, to ensure a smooth landing at one of the many small airports you may choose to visit.
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Four course meals are served on fine China from a kitchen that features a microwave oven, an espresso maker and a shockingly expensive $54,000 dishwasher. Well, fine China and an expensive dishwasher indeed work together.
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In addition to the plush master bedroom on board, there are two toilets fitted in the front of the aircraft.
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Flying at a reasonable speed of 5,300 miles per hour, the aircraft does admit to speeding at a lower speed in comparison to similar private jets.

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