The Tesla Model S Plaid is now the fastest production vehicle in the world – The $130k car became the first to hit the 8-second quarter-mile.

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I don’t need to tell you how quick the Tesla Model S Plaid is. Despite all the controversies surrounding the claim that it can accelerate from 0-60mph in less than two seconds, the flagship Tesla is the fastest accelerating production car currently. And the fact that it has a verified quarter-mile time of 9.23 seconds is mighty impressive, especially given the fact that the Model S Plaid weighs 4,766 pounds. But it turns out a few basic modifications, including taking out the passenger seats, can make the Model S Plaid an 8-second car on the dragstrip. Racecar driver Christine Dodworth recorded a jaw-dropping 8.994 seconds quarter-mile run at the Maryland International Raceway during the Hot Rod Magazine Dragweek.

In addition to taking out the passenger seats, the modified Model S Plaid was also fitted with lighter wheels and grippier tires. No modifications were made to the powertrain of the car. In fact, many in the drag racing community will still consider it as a production car at the powertrain was bone stock. Production or not, getting a car that weighs almost twice of usual drag racers into the 8s is madness. However, it’s still not the quickest EV in the world. A couple of months back, Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer had announced that the Nevera had managed to record an 8.582 seconds quarter-mile run, setting a new production car record. Nevertheless, one has to remember that comparing a $130,000 everyday family sedan with a $2 million limited-production hypercar barely makes sense. And just in case you make the mistake of calling it a one-trick pony, the Tesla Model S Plaid recently set a lap time of 7:35.579 around the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, setting a new record for production electric cars.

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