Tesla now offers “vegan leather” interiors in the revolutionary Model X

We don’t doubt the fact that electric-car giant Tesla loves nature, probably a lot more than the rest of the world’s auto-manufacturers. Proving its dedication to the environment yet again, Tesla has made a move that’ll leave vegans and animal lovers grinning. The company will now offer “vegan leather” interiors to Model X buyers. Simply put, instead of offering just genuine leather, Tesla will also have faux leather interior options to choose from. Previously, Tesla offered cloth interior options to those who chose not to drive around in leather-clad cars. The faux leather option is a welcome change and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has applauded this move by Tesla too.

tesla model x
Speaking to the Times, a company spokeswoman said, “We find that customers enjoy both leather and non-leather options for their Teslas. We are committed to giving customers the ability to build the Tesla that meets their needs and lifestyle choices.” Companies like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are also looking to replace animal leather in luxury cars with artificial materials in the future. “PETA hopes to continue to further reduce Tesla’s carbon footprint and enhance its focus on sustainability by using vegan leather free of mass animal cruelty,” said PETA’s senior corporate liaison Anne Brainard to the Times, continuing, “PETA is calling on all automakers to follow Tesla’s lead to use vegan leather.”

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