Tesla Roadster is the first tuned electric car by Brabus

If you are a fan of customized cars, check out this one. German tuner shop, Brabus has created the first-ever, tuned electric car known as the Tesla Roadster. The styling and design of the car give it a futuristic look. To give the sports car a more exciting sound the Brabus electronics specialists have developed a ‘space sound generator.’ The occupants on-board the Tesla Roadsters can choose from several simulated engine sounds that include a typical V8 combustion engine, a racecar engine, and two futuristic soundscapes named ‘Beam’ and ‘Warp.’ The volume of the sound is dependent on the momentary power output of the electric motor. The custom interiors were made from lightweight leather and Alcantara and the white seams in the cockpit reflect the exterior color beautifully. This special ultramodern car is definitely a class apart with its innumerable features. This car guarantees to grab attention no matter where you go.

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So for all those looking for a futuristic experience, this roadster is definitely a good buy for you.

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