The 2016 Jet Capsule, is your personal Ferrari of the high seas

What do you get when you try to make a supercar a little more practical for a road, as well as for the sea? Well, the Jet Capsule surely could be one results of this symbiosis. Developed at the Fiart Mare Shipyard, based in Naples, Italy, the Jet Capsule is a personal watercraft that enables you to hop in and speed around on the azure every time you decide that the car you’ve got upfront just isn’t good enough. Complete with photochromic windows, a sundeck on its rooftop, air conditioning and heater systems as well as a fully-functional toilet, the Jet Capsule can be customized as per a customer’s specifications.

Jet Capsule 2
The vessel has an average cruising speed of 25 knots to 38 knots and is capable of overshooting these limits. With a fuel consumption average of approximately 25/30lt per hour at full load, the Jet Capsule makes use of a single or dual engine configuration and also sports an electric auxiliary engine for the environment-conscious. The vessel uses an elegant carbon fiber shell and comes with interior LED mood lighting. The craft can be configured to be a limousine, taxi, a private vehicle or a have a business-friendly layout, seating up to 13 people.

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Jet Capsule 4

Jet Capsule 6

Jet Capsule 7

Jet Capsule 9

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