The Brabus 850, based on the Mercedes S63 AMG, is not just your average modified S Class

When you come to think of a Mercedes Benz S Class, you’ll often picture a stately and important car, calm and polite, chauffeuring around important people. The car doesn’t usually come across as a backbone shattering, jaw-dropping, disguised supercar. Which is exactly why, the Mercedes S63 AMG-based Brabus 850 manages to shock everyone around it, from the people travelling inside, to the people staring at it outside and particularly, the fellow behind the wheel. Capable of touching the 100 km/h in just over 4 seconds, this car’s anything but quite and calm. Instead, it’s obnoxious, loud and promises to make GTR owners take a second look too.

One of the most attention-grabbing details of this car is its exhaust. While the rest of its S Class cousins chose to stay sophisticatedly sober, the Brabus 850 screams and roars as often as possible. The car doesn’t shy away from being a full-fledged performance vehicle and manages to do all of this without losing out on the luxury quotient. The pleasant exhaust note apart, the car comes with a matching grill and rims that are devoid of chrome. The back looks as intimidating as possible and the front is groomed to frighten people at stop lights. No, this isn’t a cool modified S Class. This is the Brabus 850, built for driving enthusiasts, by driving enthusiasts!

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[Via – Carscoops]