The Genesis GV80 luxury SUV will sport the world’s first 3D instrument display (no glasses required)

It wasn’t long back when cars started ditching analog instrument clusters for digital ones – a trend that started with high-end automobiles. Over the last decade, digital instrument gauges in cars have gone from being bare-bones, monochromatic LCD displays to multi-functional units that can be completely customized and according to need and taste. And now, the next generation of digital displays are ready to hit the market. German company Continental has announced that its 3D in-car display is production-ready on an upcoming top-of-the-line version of the Genesis GV80. Just in case if you’re wondering that will the occupants, especially the driver, will have to wear a pair 3D glasses for the system to work? Well, no! The 3D display by Continental uses an in-cabin camera that constantly tracks the eyes of the driver and uses parallax barriers to project 3-dimensional info to drivers.

According to the press release by the company, the camera keeps track of the driver’s eyes and line of sight, and then a set of slanted slats called barriers to project slightly offset images to each eye, creating 3D image. Continental stresses on the fact that the system is more useful and not distracting for the driver. The same camera also used for the detection of driver distraction and fatigue. “With our volume-production display featuring auto-stereoscopic 3-D technology, we are raising human-machine interaction to a whole new level and laying the foundations for intuitive communication in the connected cockpit of tomorrow,” said the company’s Human Machine Interface unit head, Dr. Frank Rabe. In addition to that, Continental also announced that it is also working on a more advanced version of the 3D display in partnership with California-based holographic tech company Leia. The display does not require a camera and can be seen by all occupants in the car

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[Via: Top Gear]

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