The most expensive AirBnb rental in Hong Kong – A 3 bedroom superyacht

Airbnb has time and again offered over the top experiences across the globe. This superyatch rental is a bit different, as it is offered by a seller and unlike for a limited time with a nominal fee this one is here to stay and costs a princely sum of HK$ 58,000. Encompassing three bedrooms – one master, one guest room and one ‘VIP room, this modest pad of luxury has been tagged as Hong Kong’s priciest Airbnb experience. Of course at a cost of $7,500, you are accommodating 6 persons in a three bedroom suite entailing three bedrooms, an on-deck cinema, a kitchen and a team of three to cater to your wishes onboard. The 2013-built magnificent boat measures around 24 metres in length and one can rent the same by a dinghy from Deep Water Bay.

Hong Kong Airbnb-luxury-boat-2
Before you start clearing up your schedule, let me warn you the luxury stay comes with a HK$38,000 deposit. Since you’re paying such a hefty price, let me tell you, this is far from an ordinary yacht with a spacious dining area, an exercise bike and a cosy living area. Currently, it’s available to book almost any day between now and 2016.
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