Next-generation Fiat 500 to get a new all-electric variant by 2020

Tesla has completely dominated the electric car market for the last few years and with the launch of Model 3, it’s most affordable car, the company is looking to extend its lead. However, slowly but steadily the other car manufacturers are catching up. A few months back, BMW announced that it will begin production of the all-electric MINI E by November 2019. And now, Fiat has announced that the upcoming next-generation 500 will get a new full-electric variant, which will hit the markets in 2020. With the ever-tightening emissions regulations, Fiat wants to stay ahead in the game and plans to launch a mild-hybrid variant will launch next year. This will not only help Fiat to study the market for EVs and PHEVs but also consolidate the brand’s dominance of the city car segment.

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne said that “the Fiat 500 green concept extends beyond just the 500” and Fiat “is very well-placed to exploit battery-electric city car opportunities in jurisdictions where access for internal combustion vehicles will be increasingly restricted”. The new 500 electric and mild-hybrid models will be based on a completely redesigned 500 that will debut within the next two years. No details were given on the electric powertrain that’ll feature in the 500e. Fiat also didn’t comment on the current 500e on sale in the United States. Right now, the tiny EV sells only in California as a compliance vehicle to meet the state’s emission regulations.


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