The ultimate billionaire toy – A $5.5 million personal submarine that carries 6 passengers and can dive upto 3,280ft while offering stunning views of the ocean from the transparent passenger compartment

The world around us, on solid ground, is unbelievably beautiful, and we get a lifetime to explore its many facts, each more startlingly gorgeous than the previous. Having said that, the world beneath is also unbelievably boundless and beautiful, but how much time from each of our lives do we dedicate to explore its beauty? Sadly, some people never even get a chance to dunk their heads in, but some fortunate people can take in amazing views of the underwater world through the transparent passenger compartment on the incredible $5.5 million ‘salon under the sea’ submarine. The world of viewing life under the sea has forever changed with Triton 3300-6 that features the world’s largest transparent, spherical passenger compartment. It keeps up with the aquatic universe’s theme and comes in a pretty Tiffany blue exterior that blends well once placed in the water. The Triton 3300-6 seats six people in comfort and offers uninterrupted views with a 360-degree window. With a certified depth rating of 1,000 meters, the submarine will obviously open a world of wonders for guests who will enjoy every moment comfortably nestled in the roomy interior space of five cubic meters. The interiors are luxe, enhanced with the custom leather seats, generous amounts of head, shoulder, elbow, and legroom thanks to this being the world’s largest spherical acrylic pressure hull. A fastidious approach to packaging and ergonomics ensures maximum comfort for the entire family.

Florida-based Triton boasts that the delivery incorporates numerous significant milestone firsts. They say, ‘The scale of the panoramic passenger compartment provides a social space from which guests can enjoy a shared dive experience. This unique feature of the Triton 3300-6 cannot be rivaled in multi-hull vessels or smaller crafts. The marine engineering company worked closely alongside marine surveyors SEMarine to warrant successful integration of the submersible and its support systems.

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