The world’s biggest mega yacht will cost $800 million and will have its own casino and art gallery

Meet the ‘Valkyrie Project’ yacht, a mega sea vessel that would be the biggest private yacht ever built stretching more than two soccer fields. Measuring a jaw-dropping 229 meters (750ft), it would be just 40m short of the colossal Titanic and obliterate the world record which is currently held by the Azzam – a 180m (590ft) superyacht owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Valkyrie project is the brainchild of Chulhun Park who worked with yacht designers Palmer Johnson to conceive the idea of the world’s biggest private yacht. “Valkyrie Project was my thesis project supported by Palmer Johnson at Royal College of Art in London. It took eight months to design her,” said 36-year-old Chulhun Park.

Instead of making it a billionaire’s personal toy, Park wants the megayacht to be used more like a ‘floating entertainment hub’ which the public could enjoy. The vessel has been designed to carry an incredible 52 guests and 92 crew members including an entire deck just for the owner. Equipped with its own casino, theatres, restaurants, helipad and even art galleries, the enormous ship can cruise at a comfortable speed of up to 25 knots. The designer said the vessel would be made from aluminum and a specially made carbon-fiber structure to make it as light as possible. The design of the ship is also unique. “When I decided to be a yacht designer, I realized that most yachts are white colored and stacked up like wedding cakes,” said Park. “Therefore, I was determined to design a very unique looking yacht which would stand out of the fleet.” According to Chulhun Park, the Valkyrie Project will take around $800 million to build and he has had a few interesting offers, but no contracts have been sighed yet. But it’ll be the biggest private mega yacht if it’s ever built in the future.

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