The 90m Conch Superyacht is inspired by seashells

After the iguana-inspired Iwana yacht, Brit-Designer Alex McDiarmid is now out with a 90m concept Superyacht inspired by conchology. While shells have been a part of popular fashion this is probably a first time it’s become a part of the yachting culture. The yacht is inspired from the Turitella shell (tower screw) which is a long twirled seashell, the long thin tail Tibia Fusus sea shell and the Conches. The opening of the shell serves as windows for the hull and aft of the concepts, that allows for ample natural lights and “a floating atrium effect”. The concept sports a multi-colored exterior paint job with a spiral cut Terebra shells-inspired (better known as the Nautilus) communication tower. While the yacht will sport a classic bow design, there are talks for a helicopter, custom tenders and water toys like waverunners, sea scooters, windsurfers, kayaks, waterskis, wakeboards and a whole range of scuba and fishing gear that match the yacht’s exteriors.

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The yacht is designed to it top speed of 18 Knots and crusing speeds of 14 knots. It can accommodate 16 guests in its 2 VIP cabins that feature private exterior balcony, 3 double guest cabins, and a twin guest cabin. The master suite sports the owner’s salon, exterior balcony and private exterior deck area. The yacht comes with a steel hull and aluminum body and can hold a crew of 20.