The ConferenceBike is built for seven

I am proud of the large extended family that I have. So when I came across the ConferenceBike, I was happy to note that it can accommodate seven people on it. Now that’s what I call traveling with the family in style. This unique and easy-to-maneuver bike seats the bikers in a circle making biking together for unforgettable riding experience. American artist and inventor Eric Staller has created what he calls “a symbol for community, a tool for bringing people together.” The frame has an ergonomic design making it easy to get on and off and has seven sets of pedals that propel the trike forward via a patented transmission system, while only one person can steer it. Ideal for family picnics and lazy days spent in the park.

The Conference bike boasts of Porsche-engineered steering, hydraulic brakes, parking brake and lights and is handcrafted in Germany. It reaches the max speed of 15mph. This sold-out bike costs $19,000.

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