The Porsche Driving Experience…that’s half the race won

Battle of the sexes might interest everyone especially the women, but here the women have won hands down as Porsche the leading car company has chosen them over if I may say so conceited males who think cars are just all about them. The Porsche Driving Experience is offering a special session of its driving school just for female participants. Ladies, here’s your chance to show the guys what you can do. Apparently, many couples come to the Porsche Driving Experience, but usually, only one member participates. The wives sit on the sidelines, telling event organizers that they would love to join in, but not with their husbands. “He does nothing but yells at me on the road,” they say, “I’m not getting on the track with him.” And now you really can do that and how! That will all change this autumn, because, on September 18 and 19, the Porsche Driving Experience will be offering a session exclusively for women. The instructors will be men (many of them cute), but there won’t be a yelling husband insight. The Porsche Driving Experience remains one of the premier driving schools in the country and is located at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama – the most aesthetically pleasing and well-groomed facility in the country.

In addition to the instruction provided at the track, Porsche plans to offer events tailored to women during the event – such as a fashion show one evening in the hotel. A resort package also can be purchased, which includes a discount at the hotel spa, golfing at a nearby course, as well as yoga, pilates, and access to hiking trails. I can see many jealous males out there as now you don’t just have the women posing outside the fancy Porsche’s they are actually driving them and P.S without their male counterparts!

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