The Strand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser concept car is high on luxury

The beauty of design concepts is the liberties the creators enjoy and the dreams they show to a luxurious new world! If you don’t believe me, check out the Strand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser designed by Gray Design and Strand Craft. The makers say that the concept takes into account extended road features, “focusing on maximum in-car exposure to the sun.” The Sweden-based design features white Alcantara trim interiors for the cabin with brushed aluminum accents, Swarovski encrusted elements, and chrome details to match the exteriors.

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The dashboard sports instrumentation panels created by watchmakers Breitling, while the music is powered with a stunning Naim 15-speaker stereo system that comes with an 1100-watt amplifier.
With all the added bling, the car can still hit high speeds of 220km/h. Beauty and luxury with speed!

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