This $265,000 limited edition luxury camping trailer is specially made for dogs

Pet families have a reason to hit the road and explore the country- you can now take your pet pooch along. If you have delayed the process of some cross-country travel or living life like an adventure cause you will have to leave your dog behind, then California-based luxury trailer specialist Bowlus has equipped its shimmering zeppelin trailer with snazzy pet-friendly updates to make it possible for your entire family to travel together- pets included! The new Bowlus Terra Firma trailer was evidently designed to keep the comfort of pet dogs in mind. They have taken into account pet owners’ peace of mind and equipped the trailer with e remote temperature control and monitoring system that allows pet owners to leave their pets behind for a little while safely. Bowlus trailers are known for their unmatched luxury, and this stands true even for your pets that have their very own personalized canine bed, slide-out food, and water bowls, and heated floors. Terra Firma protects occupants, both human and canine, from germs with HEPA air filtration system with UVC disinfecting lighting. A great addition to the world that’s recovering from the effects of a massive pandemic.

Speaking of performance, the 25.8-foot Bowlus offers up to two weeks of off-grid running time, with an 8-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery bank. The battery requires between three and four hours to charge. Customers can choose to style the interiors from many options with as many as 56 million possible interior combinations possible. The luxurious trailer is plenty comfortable, too, with a bedroom that features twin beds that can convert into a king-sized one. The opulent and dog-friendly trailer starts at $265,000.

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