This $800,000 luxury motorhome by German manufacturer Concorde has been specially designed to carry a classic car in its garage

German brand Concorde is synonymous with luxury motorhomes that are built to meet the highest standards. The company’s vast line-up includes motorhomes of varying sizes and functionality to meet the demands of different buyer groups. Last week, we covered the motorhome manufacturer’s $475,000 Carver 920 G model, a luxurious Type C motorhome that has a tiny garage to fit in a small hatchback, making it perfect to drive down to cities with narrow streets that can only be explored by cars as small as the Fiat 500. However, the Concorde’s portfolio also includes much bigger RVs that can fit in bigger vehicles in their garage. One of the most interesting ones is the Concorde Liner 1090 GIO model which has been specifically designed to carry classic cars. So, if you love attending classic car shows and rallies with your prized possession, look no further.

The Concorde Liner 1090 GIO is built on the highly versatile Mercedes Atego 1530 L truck which is powered by a massive 7.7-liter inline-six engine capable of producing 299 horsepower. Depending on the configuration, the luxury motorhome can measure up to 11.50 meters in length, almost 2.50 meters in width, and weigh more than 12 tons. On the outside, the Liner 1090 features Concorde’s typical clean, clutter-free design featuring a white body and a blacked-out glass area.

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One thing you’ll notice is that the model sports a colorful decal at the rear, close to the garage. If you look closely, it includes the silhouette of three iconic classic cars – Ferrari Dino, Porsche 911, and the beautiful Mercedes SL roadster.

Stepping inside the motorhome, the well-appointed cabin will immediately remind you of a luxurious apartment with top-notch furnishing and all the necessary amenities. The driver’s cab gets a modern and functionally designed dashboard that makes it easy for the driver to handle the massive RV. The driver and passenger seat can both rotate, giving them access to the lounge area which can be customized by the buyer. Right behind is an ergonomically designed U-shaped kitchen that’s not only elegantly styled but is equally functional.

The cabin is bathed in the finest materials, which also highlight Concorde’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. After the bathroom area is the bedroom which promises to offer the highest level of comfort. While the ceiling height is low because of the garage underneath, the queen-size bed offers plenty of space and comfort to turn is space into a relaxation center.

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Via Youtube / @concordetv

The highlight of the Concorde Liner 1090 GIO is its garage which has been specially designed to stow classic cars. The garage can be accessed from the rear end which gets a motorized upward-opening tailgate. The garage also features a motorized shelf that stores all the necessary tools and spare tires. The motorhome is equipped with a ride-height system that lifts the front end, giving easier access to the garage in which the car can be easily winched in. There are some restrictions to the garage, though. The garage can only accommodate a vehicle that’s shorter than 4.30 meters in length, not higher than 1.36 meters, and weighs a maximum of 1,400 kilograms (around 3000 pounds). In case you own a Porsche 911 from the 1980s or early ‘90s, you don’t have to worry.

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