This fashionable retro-themed mini-bike is made out of an original Volkswagen Beetle

Over the last couple of years, compact e-scooters have become all the rage with even big names from the automobile industry like BMW and Mercedes-Benz jumping into the segment to get a piece of it. But the problem with all these electric scooters is that they all have the same cookie-cutter design that looks exactly the same; which is truly disappointing. And then we came across this retro-themed mini-bike that has been built out of a front fender of Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle. Okay, agreed that this is neither compact not electric; but it is so cool! Created by custom build specialist Brent Walter, it’s definitely one of the most interesting and attractive projects in which car parts have been repurposed to make something great.

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Cold day for a ride. #volkspod

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Called the Volkspod, the mini-bike was created as an homage to the bug – a car that’s arguably one of the most iconic automobiles from the 20th century that was in production from 1938 to 2003 in the original form. In a conversation with BoredPanda, Walter said he made the Volkspod as an interesting trophy for car shows: “I wanted a scooter to take to VW shows. These fenders were left over from building my car. I also wanted to practice welding the thin sheet metal panels.” Walter built a pair of these bikes, made from two front fenders off a Volkswagen Beetle Type 1. Underneath the bodywork is a custom frame with fat tires. Walter also equipped the Volkspod with a retro bike handlebar, a seat, as well as head- and tail lights from the Bug. Powering the first mini-bike is a tiny 79cc motor, while the second one in blue has a 212cc motor and better ground clearance. Can somebody please help Walter to build more of these and get them on sale?


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