This futuristic zero-emission hydrogen superyacht concept has a massive onboard cultivation-garden.

Life on the sea has always been looked at as a trip, vacation, or long-term excursion, and it barely ever comes close to being anything more permanent. Multidisciplinary design practice 3deluxe ‘VY.01’, a zero-carbon superyacht, holds incredible potential to change how one perceives yachts and their usage. From being just another addition to your supercars and OTT expenses, the ‘VY. 01’proposes a new way of living and traveling. Call it a gardener’s dream (a very rich gardener) or a billionaire with green thumbs paradise; it will offer some novel ways to make the vessel self-sustaining with its nature-oriented philosophy.

The superyacht will offer common areas like several lounge and living spaces, a kitchen, a bar, a saltwater pool, and a small marina with direct access to the sea. There are also some very advantageous ones like a greenhouse and vegetable garden. Create an unlimited supply of the freshest produce of land by cultivating it on-board. Combined with the fresh fish of the ocean, you have a Michelin-star chef in the making right there! The vessel boasts minimum emissions as the zero-carbon solar panels on the roof and the exterior fuel it without any harmful byproducts. The seawater desalination system takes care of the additional water required for the plants to grow.

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The VY.01 is also very technologically advanced, with sensor-controlled louvers that close during choppy weather. With a hydrogen fuel cell system and electric propulsion, all noise and vibrations are taken care of. The streamlined profile helps create minimal resistance to the wind and waves for greater efficiency and seakeeping. A concept for now, 3deluxe’s ‘VY.01’ superyacht could well be the future of self-sufficient seafaring.

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[Via: Designboom]

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