This pyramid shaped superyacht quite literally flies over the water

Let me begin by saying this might be one of the most revolutionary yacht designs we have seen in the recent times. Meet the Tetrahedron Super Yacht, a pyramid shaped modern superyacht that looks nothing short of an alien ship levitating over the water. The Tetrahedron’s design is inspired by re-thinking the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line. Brainchild of London based architect Jonathan Schwinge, the superyacht is currently in concept phase but soon might become a reality.

The HYSWAS (Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship) superyacht has a proper geometric shape of a Tetrahedron. The pyramid design’s 4 faces and 6 leading edges provide fundamental stability and enclosure. While sailing, the structure stays above the surface of water giving it an appearance at high-speed of levitating and flying in the air. The HYSWAS hull is comprised of a single vertical strut onto a single submerged torpedo hull. The vessel will lift out of the water at speed on side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils. The boat will also feature auto-pilot ‘fly-by-light’ system, taken from the aviation industry, which would control difficult roll forces and maintain high speed. It would also control pitch and heave. Long distances will be achievable with reduced out-of-water drag and stormy ocean conditions would incur virtually no slamming, in turn increasing efficiency.


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