This radical two person personal submarine lets you dive deeper and faster

There are a few toys that every millionaire likes to check off their list. Italian sports cars? Check! Luxury yacht? Been there done that! Private Jet? Double check! Submarine?

Triton’s new 6600/2 submersible is a super yacht submarine equipped to take two people 2000 meters underwater. The acrylic submarine features a transparent hull that lets passengers board even after the vessel has been deployed into the water. The submersible has been designed to be launched from vessels and has a maximum drive duration of 10 hours though its life support system will operate for up to 96 hours.

L Bruce Jones, chairman and CEO of Triton said at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, “Like other Tritons, the transparent pressure hull provides remarkable viewing and the capability of diving over a mile deep adds tremendous versatility.”

“It should take about an hour for the sub to get down to its maximum depth, but once there, the pilot and passenger will have plenty of time to investigate a wreck or some other artifact on the bottom, and shoot video if desired,” said Ron Stamm Project Manager at Triton, “Six 20,000-lumens lights will be standard, but owners will be able to add more if needed to support their video operations.”

The starting price of this deep sea ride is about $5.5 million, which means in millionaire world, it’s not exactly unaffordable. Could submarines be the new sports cars?

[ Via : Marinetechnologynews ]

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