This unique yacht is a floating mansion that can be suspended in the air with its hydraulic legs

The 60th edition of Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show that took place in Florida from October 30th to November 3rd saw some of the latest and most extravagant yachts and vessels make their debut, including the stunning Super Sport 65 concept by Pininfarina. There was another watercraft that garnered a lot of attention at the boat show named the Mansion Yacht. The unique vessel is the first Cubic Yacht that has been created to provide an unparalleled “beachfront mansion yacht experience.” Unlike the usual yacht design, the Mansion Yacht has a cube-like shape with a total of 9,000 square foot area on board. The unique yacht has been designed to act as a super-sized house which can be suspended above the sea with its four hydraulic legs. Each leg measures 18 feet and has a lifting capacity of a million pounds each.

The Mansion Yacht has three floors with five large bedrooms, each featuring king-sized beds and designer en-suite bathrooms. At the front of the vessel is 1,600 square foot area which is specifically designed for entertainment. Around 3,300 square feet towards the stern offers an unhindered view of the sea. To reduce the vessel’s carbon footprint, it features 70 solar panels to help run the yacht out at sea. The Mansion Yacht is also the world’s first yacht to be made out of stainless steel, which according to the company makes it around 25% cheaper to maintain than an equivalent made from fiberglass vessel.


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