Uber offers luxury boat rides in Istanbul

Uber, the American-born international transport company that operates in 300 cities solely through a smartphone app at the touch of a finger, has taken its business out to sea! The taxi company just launched a speedboat service that plies in the Bosphorus Strait, the Eurasia border that divides the Turkish city on its banks, to give travallers and tourists an exclusive intercontinental joyride. UberBoat Istanbul is a tie-up with luxury, sea faring Turkish company, Navette; and each speedboat can sit 6-8 passengers. Even though there are other services like the public ferry that also offer to take travellers across the waters at a much cheaper rate, UberBoat caters to families and couple that want to experience the journey privately, with the view all to themselves.

UberBoat can be booked along any part of the coast by logging onto the app and selecting a boat that’s unoccupied and nearest to you; but be prepared to shell out the bucks ranging between $20-$150, depending on your destination. Istanbul is the first city to have a permanent ferry service set up by the transport company, but not the inception city; UberBoat partnered with Boston Harbour Services last year and offered services around the coastal city during the summer, but stopped at the change in weather. UberBoat Istanbul was started to commemorate the one-year presence of its car-hiring services in the city.

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[Via – Uber Newsroom]

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