Video – Tesla cars will now have a dedicated “Dog Mode” to keep pets cool and comfortable inside the car

One of the things that makes Tesla’s electric cars such a huge hit is that the company keeps adding new, innovative features from time to time, most of them in the form of over-the-air software updates. The last such major update brought three classic Atari video games to the in-car infotainment system, which meant the time spent inside the car waiting for something or someone would be quite enjoyable. Well, Tesla has announced its latest set of features that will be added with the new update and it has got Twitter buzzing with praises for Elon Musk and his Tesla team. On the Valentine’s Day, Tesla announced on Twitter that it’s latest software update will bring a “Dog Mode” to the existing car. The feature is meant to keep your dog safe when need to run short errands and leave them behind inside the vehicle.

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The Tweet was accompanied by a demo video of the new feature at work. The Dog Mode basically keeps the air conditioner on in the car to make your pets comfortable along with displaying the car’s cabin temperature and a message for passersby on the vehicles center screen letting them know the pet(s) are safe. Now, how cool is that! As a dog owner myself, I give this latest update a double thumbs up. That’s not all; the latest update also has something for sci-fi fans as well. A new Sentry Mode will keep the car in a standby state when parked, with all its surround view cameras running. However, it will available only on models built post-August 2017. The car will go in an alert state the moment the cameras detect a minimal threat and a message appears on the screen to say that the cameras are recording. As a tribute to the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the famous red eye of HAL 9000 from the movie will appear on the touchscreen in an alert state. On sensing a severe threat, the car along with activating the alarm system will increase the brightness of the center display to maximum, blast out classical music tracks at maximum volume and notify the owner via their mobile app. I think these are greatly useful features that other car manufacturers should also consider adding to their vehicles.

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