Virgil Abloh had partnered with Mercedes-Benz to create a one-off solar-powered Maybach with a transparent front hood and now it’s on display in Miami.

The passing of Virgil Abloh last week came as quite a shock to fans, businesses, and brands alike. It makes one wonder if Off-White or Louis Vuitton menswear will ever be the same without the modern designer’s touch that gave him prominence over the last decade. Abloh succumbed to leaving the world of luxury streetwear high and dry. However, fans will get a peek at the late designers’ last collaboration thanks to Mercedes-Benz’s unveiling Project MAYBACH. It collaborates between the famed designer and the luxury German automaker alongside Daimler design’s Chief Gorden Wagener to create a slick-looking all-electric concept.

Thanks to the designers getting complete artistic freedom in this work, the result is inspiring and undoubtedly unlike anything Mercedes-Benz has developed. It takes a second to guess that this tourer was heavily inspired by the great outdoors with its sheer size, sharp lines and edges, and more. What first meets the eye in this distinct two-seater, the electric off-road coupe, is the unusual choice of the clay-colored exterior. The two-tone black-and-tan paint scheme makes the car look incredibly outdoorsy. Under the front hood lays a solar panel to harvest extra energy and charge the battery.

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The presence of a roof rack further enhances its functionality to stow bicycles or outdoor equipment for glamping season. Inside, the car looks supremely elegant with luxurious leather-lined seats. The incredibly long vehicle that measures nearly 6 meters (20 feet) in length comes with seats that can fold completely flat, giving owners a chance to the most comfortable forty winks in the wilderness. With the blessing of Abloh’s family, the most exciting show car, Project MAYBACH, will be showcased to the public at the Rubell Museum. Students from local design schools were also given an exclusive opportunity to tour the museum to pay homage to the designer’s legacy of supporting young talent.

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Designboom shared the thoughts of the Mercedes-Benz team on the news of the designer’s passing: ‘Mercedes-Benz is devastated to hear of the passing of Virgil Abloh. Our sincere thoughts are with Virgil’s family and teams. Now opening the world of our collaboration and Virgil’s unique vision to the public, we want to respectfully celebrate the work of a truly unique design talent who created endless possibilities for collaboration through his unbridled imagination and inspired all that knew his work.’

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