Volkner Mobil RV- A Car Carrying Motor Coach

The most up-to-the-minute acquisition on mobile living is on display at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is a home away from home with all the mod cons of 21st-century living. The Volkner Mobil RV mobile home comes with one added extra – a garage for your car. This colossal German mobile home sighted at the Fair has a unique party trick- an integrated hideaway drawer for an additional small car. Built on a buyer’s choice of either a rear-engined Volvo or Mercedes-Benz bus chassis, the motor home also comes with palatial dining, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters and can be trimmed to order. The coachbuilder says that the ‘garage’ is big enough to accommodate smaller (up to five meters in length), lower cars like a BMW Z4, Mini Cooper Convertible, or the Mercedes-Benz SLK seen here.

designstudie1.jpg The system introduces your vacation cruiser sideways into the RV’s belly on a slide-out platform. It is just right for travellers yearning for a little more freedom on holiday, allowing them to take on small excursions or trips without having to uproot the entire contents of their motor home. Whoever said “you can’t take it with you” apparently never vacationed in the Volkner Mobil RV. Price is kept under wraps but we are sure it will be as colossal as the vehicle.

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