Volvo’s plush new console seat, ups the ante for chauffeur driven cars

Volvo isn’t likely to be a car company associated with soccer moms for long. Their brilliant new concept is aimed at car owners who prefer to travel in the backseat rather than do their own driving. Introduced at the Shanghai Motor show, Volvo’s Lounge console is their attempt to consider “the needs and perspective of the chauffeur driven executive.” This three seat car does away with the front passenger seat allowing room for a console in the right side rear passenger seat.

volvo-xc90-6Along with increased legroom, the console also features a 17-inch monitor, tray table, vanity mirror, lock box, shoe drawer and storage tray (for jewelry and makeup) and a footrest. The passenger in the console is also afforded a view of the road ahead.

volvo-xc90-14“We started this work by looking at the executive lifestyle. With our progressive approach to premium design and functionality we analyzed the needs and perspective of the chauffeur driven executive, designing the car around him or her in the spirit of our brand’s aim. A key element in our thinking was how to make the available interior space work for the occupants in an optimal and luxurious fashion. Removing the passenger seat enabled us to create an open space that dramatically changes the dynamics of the interior and led to a firework of ideas and new possibilities,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Car Group.

volvo-xc90-9The console would definitely appeal to wealthy customers who enjoy travelling alone. Can you imagine the serious seat envy that would plague the back seat passenger who is stuck in the left seat?

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