Ward Setzer’s future yachts

What we have here is a futuristic view of what yatchs will look like in the near future. With a little insight from Ward Setzer of the world famous yacht designing firm Setzer Design Group, these cool images of future sea travels. The Cerise is a 165 foot long yacht and the Javelin is a 240 foot beauty. Both these models come under the Vision line that foresees the design of yachts in the near future. The VL-50 is a subversion of the Cerise and is bright red in color. It is said to have a retro theme in the styling. The other rendition, the VL-73 is just as attractive with all the facilities that one could die for. The Javelin is a five deck vessel that is based on a main design that includes a circular window that lies suspended between the decks so that you can monitor what’s happening where.

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The yachts are, as one would expect, built with nothing but luxury and style in mind. And with three different designs to choose from you have a huge choice to make after the year 2010.

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