Watch out for bizarre customized vehicles from Japan

Japan, the land of rising sun, is also known for its innovative ideas and concepts in almost every walk of life. If you are only on a look out for outlandish gadgets and robots from Japan then change you perception and watch out for these strangely customized vehicles that were featured on a recent episode of Sokon Tokoro. Two of the vehicles in the video is owned by a Buddhist priest. One is a BMW E66 that has its trunk studded with 30,000 Swarovski crystals in form of Buddhist sutras. The second one is a Toyota Celsior UCF20 with gullwings, scissor doors and a split hood that cost 10 million yen ($110,000). And of that much money, you can find 24 monitors, including several mounted in the headrests behind the passengers’ heads. The 25 million yen ($280,000) Batman van is also worth a look. Rollover to see more of such outlandishly designed vehicles….

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Some of the rides featured in the video are – Host George Tokoro’s Subaru R1 which is masked as a Ferrari, a 10 million yen ($110,000) 1994 Cadillac limo lowrider with plush pink interior and 11-color paint job and a 40 million yen ($450,000) “Tank” dragster powered by a 25,000-horsepower US military jet engine that spews a powerful, camera-melting flame.


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