What next after a jet and yacht? Your personal luxury submarine

The image that comes to the mind when we think about submarines is that of tight crawling spaces with dark interiors and instruments sticking out from every inch of the walls on the inside. People with claustrophobic will have trouble even imagining it. However, exploring the depths of the oceans can be as exhilarating and exciting as flying high in the sky if not more. Dutch company Ocean Submarine B.V. has collaborated with Rolls Royce, MTU and Bosch to develop a luxury submarine that promises to offer underwater exploration in ultimate comfort. Meet the NEYK 9F Luxury Submarine, a 19-meter underwater vessel that took eight years of research and development to make.

Built in a modular construction, the highly spacious interior can be customized with furniture, ceiling panels and different types of paint. It will have large panoramic viewports on top and three acrylic viewports on each side, as well as comfortable seats, a bar, a library and a complete galley. In fact, just looking at the pictures of the interiors it’s very easy to mistake it for a private luxury jet. Powered by diesel/electric underwater propulsion system, the submarine is reportedly capable of reaching the speeds of up to 15 knots and can carry as many as 20 passengers to depths of 150 meters. There is no word on the pricing as of yet but the first Neyk Submarine is due to be completed in January 2018.

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