Helping Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt rejuvenate and melt away his stress is the wellness area on his $158 million Whisper superyacht. The 312-foot-long vessel features a massive subterranean spa with a hammam, massage room, steam shower, and salon. The three onboard pools use 15 tons of water.

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There are plenty of benefits to owning a superyacht. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to unwind, explore the beauty of nature, and stay away from prying eyes and paparazzi when you’re letting down your hair. Just ask ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who ditched one boat (Alfa Nero yacht) to get another in no time. His most recent purchase, the superyacht Whisper, is an astounding 312-foot Lurssen-built yacht acquired for $158 million after a $60 million discount.

The owner’s suite. Via Charterworld

The man with a beautiful boat will now make the most of this maritime masterpiece outfitted with some of the most stunning pieces ever spotted aboard a motoryacht.
The lucky Jaguar may not be on the list anymore, as it was the insignia of Jacksonville Jaguar’s billionaire owner, Shahid Khan, who previously owned this luxury vessel. Still, even without the ferocious feline on the bow, there are several interesting additions aboard the Whisper Yacht. Let’s take a detailed look at the amenities that will help tech tycoon Schmidt relax.

Features of Whisper Yacht that speak volumes:
Whisper, a five-tier vessel, sleeps 16 guests across eight well-appointed suites. The grand master suite found on the owner’s private deck features a Jacuzzi and provides access to the yacht’s helipad, which doubles as a basketball court.

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The Whisper has a wellness area that can rival five-star spas. Via Charterworld

When it comes to relaxing, owners can visit the fantastic subterranean spa placed deep within the ship. This Persian-inspired spa is a deeply mesmerizing space that designer Pascal Reymond dubbed a “naturally […] meditative space.”

The Persian inspired spa.

This section of the ship is beautifully designed with dark stones, heavy textures attained with flat rocks, glass, and wood surfaces. The ambiance here is utterly cozy, and the lighting is soft. There are several options to relax on your vacation, from the hammam, spa pool, cold plunge pool, steam shower, and massage room.

The Whisper Yacht has two spa pools and a multi-level swimming pool. Regardless of the weather outside, the 15 tons of water in the swimming pools of the Whisper are warmed via a waste-heat recovery system from the onboard generators.

The onboard Jacuzzi.

This oval-shaped, mosaic-tiled, 39-feet oasis of relaxation comes with an integrated Jacuzzi that also doubles as a submerged observation deck, being slightly elevated.
Another feature that is essential to having a good time on the 312-footer is found on the main deck.

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The self playing piano.

The electronic piano is built into a mirror-buffed table by liquid metal specialists Based Upon. “It’s a piano that can be heard through two decks, and it’s a bar, but it’s really a work of art. That’s the way this entire project evolved,” said lead designer on the project, Jason Macaree, per Boat International.

Whisper has a separate hair and beauty saloon with an onboard dedicated hair dresser.

Eric Schmidt is a man who knows his ships. Had he got his hands on the Oceanco boat Alfa Nero, it would be an equally impressive ship, if not more, and for much less at $67.7 million. However, legal troubles and a seemingly unending waiting period made the billionaire lose interest in the Alfa Nero, and within four days, he finalized Kismet for his fleet. A decision that he certainly must be proud of while barbequing on the deck or listening to the soothing tunes of his electronic piano bar.

The onboard gym offers relaxing views.
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