Will.i.am spends $900,000 to customize a 1958 VW Beetle

The Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am has just pimped his ride. Last week, the singer was spotted around West Hollywood spinning in his new $900,000 custom car. The West Coast Customs, the boys behind “Pimp My Ride”, started designing the 1958 VW Beetle started in 2009. This outlandish car, features aluminum finish in the interiors, dashboard, and door panels. The shiny purple car has customized bucket seats for high speed driving. The car also sports a hood that looks like an old school Rolls-Royce Phantom The 37-year-old singer Will.i.am is a car fanatic.

Besides this purple baby, he also owns another custom made Delorean-esque side doors, reported to cost somewhere around $700,000. Well, all we can say is OMG!

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