Inspired by a black hole this 360 feet megayacht concept has a mammoth spherical observatory offering 360-degree views. The luxurious vessel has an open garden an infinity swimming pool and an expandable beach club.

Among the many fantastic features of Zion, the 360-feet superyacht concept by India-based studio Bhushan Powar Design is the large glass eye towards the bow. It doesn’t take a genius to guess the addition is to help guests enjoy a 360-degree view of their spectacular surroundings, and it divulges the inspiration behind this unique addition. “The yacht takes inspiration from a ‘Black Hole.’ It should attract the eyes with its modern elegance,” says designer Bhushan Powar. This globular viewing gallery renders the yacht an uncanny resemblance to a giant sea creature gliding slyly in the water. Besides a striking exterior, the megayacht concept reveals an owner’s suite on the main deck.

This fancy area is equipped with electrically operated sky lounge balconies on either side. The owners and their guests can enjoy a hearty meal in the open dining space where wine and scenery can flow endlessly on the main deck. If the natural panorama doesn’t impress you, the glass bottom of the infinity swimming pool on the concept’s aft deck will surely catch the eye. Zion is a spacious vessel that accommodates 20 guests in 10 extensive cabins. As far as high-tech amenities are concerned, the luxury ship is fitted with a 12m helipad, a glass elevator, a glass-bottomed infinity pool, and an oversized tender garage with plenty of tenders, jet skis, and other water toys.

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As per Boat International, the glass elevator services each floor, including the large helideck towards the stern. The beach club is where guests unwind in an open garden space or burn calories at the gym.

Regarding the open garden space and other lush green additions on the yacht, Powar shared, “nature is the guiding principle for all our designs. We always look for something within it to define ourselves.” Located on the lower deck, the beach club can be transformed into a sunbathing lounge through foldout terraces on either side, as shared by Yacht Harbour.

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(All images via Bhushan Powar design)

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