Saudi Crown Prince MBS’s bold vision is slowly coming to life: aerial photos unveil the staggering scale of the $1 trillion futuristic giga-project ‘The Line’ – a 75-mile-long skyscraper that is being carved through the mountains.

Source - Linkedin / Giles Pendleton FRICSGiles Pendleton FRICS

They say a picture is worth a thousand years. In that case, Saudi Arabia’s project par excellence, Neom City, has over 50,000 words that scream progress! New aerial pictures showcase what being a giga-project really means. The immense scale of the $1 trillion construction site in the Kingdom reveals the rapid progress of Neom City projects like The Line, Hexagon, and Sindalah. It is now easier to identify the under-construction regions making headway.

Source – Linkedin / Giles Pendleton FRICSGiles Pendleton FRICS

Giles Pendleton, COO of The Line, posted the aerial pictures ‘to answer the naysayers,’ after previously sharing insights from the massive construction site to prove ‘Neom is real.’ While Sindalah has been making continuous progress, with every new video or image release showing it advancing towards completion, it is the first time that even The Line appears to be well underway.

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Source – Linkedin / Giles Pendleton FRICSGiles Pendleton FRICS

Detractors and cynics have often expressed skepticism about the completion of The Line, comprising two 1,600 feet tall buildings that run parallel to each other across 75 miles of desert, coastal, and mountain landscapes.

It sounds unachievable, but the straight lines stretching over several miles at the site are proof that the Saudis are breaking ground, pun intended. Starting at a hidden harbor for yachts and cruise ships, The Line cuts through the desert, with an international airport to be built at the other end of the city. The series of images unveiled several mammoth piles of sand, which the COO said were piled up to make space for the planned ‘Hidden Marina.’ Mr. Pendleton added that over 100 million cubic meters of sand have already been moved.

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The Line when it would be complete. Via Facebook / @NEOM

Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman has stated he wants the Mirror Line to be ready by 2030, although engineers have said it could take 50 years to construct. Neom City will help change the world’s view of Saudi Arabia. Its dependency on oil will be over, and it will emerge as an avant-garde tourist destination offering a new way of life and careers.

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