10 artists transform the windows of Bergdorf Goodman to lure lovers of art and fashion

Grey Area describes itself as the “undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art.” But what would the Brooklyn-based duo say about fashion? Surely something, especially after collaborating with Bergdorf Goodman. Together, they conjured up a series of in-store art installations to lure lovers of art and of fashion.

“It’s exciting to turn a new generation of artists loose in our windows. We like the idea of using our windows as an evolving gallery to reflect the synergy of art and fashion,” said Linda Fargo, senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation. Unveiled during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Bergdorf’s ‘Art Matters!’ is a result of 10 artists’ participation, all of who have successfully (and inventively) transformed the retailer’s windows and store interior.

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Mattia Biagi’s giant tar teddy does a ‘beauty and the bear’ hovering next to the mannequins in sequined submission. We can’t say we don’t find him as stunning as the dresses next to him, namely Proenza Schouler, J. Mendel and Erdem.

Kristin Kammermeyer’s towering sculpture stuns just as much albeit in a more colorful manner, its material sourced from the Bergdorf warehouse in Long Island City (no wonder!)

The third floor’s installation is a bit more layered, with a canvas only a part of the work of Andrea Mary Marshall. The performance artist splatter painted a wall with fans. Proof? The Kimono worn by her then, which now rests next to the piece on a mannequin.

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Meanwhile, Jewelry designer and sculptor Laura Wass has set oil-slick hued headpieces and looks from Tom Ford, Lanvin and Dior amidst geodesic figures.

Sebastian Errazuriz’ installation is a tad bit more extravagant. Cue embellished chandelier. Not only does it sit on Bergdorf’s main level and nest taxidermied songbirds, it does so while illuminating mannequins dressed in Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Erdem.

The retailer’s efforts towards exploration of art will continue through Spring and also include artists Christopher Astley, Lionel Esteve and his handcrafted snakes, Adam Parker Smith, Kasper Sonne’s partially burned canvas and Peter D. Gerakaris and the Rappaccini’s Origami Terrarium.

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