400 thread-count bedding, afternoon tea and a lot more – British Airways First Class just got a whole fancier

British Airways’ first class cabin is undergoing a minor makeover. Indeed, it’s hard to go wrong with service and soft products in the first class, but the UK’s national carrier is determined to make passengers experience a comfort parallel to a five-star hotel. If you are a regular on the airline’s first class, post-March 31st, you would notice a change across their bedding and menus onboard.

Let’s delve into the details. To begin with, a new a la carte menu has been curated, allowing guests onboard to choose from a plethora of dishes prepared from seasonal ingredients. Keeping in sync with the British customary ritual of afternoon tea, passengers will be offered a new afternoon tea service which will entail a selection of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and teas.

When you are paying a hefty sum for the first class, only bone china tableware is acceptable. British Airways has roped in William Edwards to customise tableware for the airline, in addition to the silverware which will be curated by Studio William.

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Long-haul flights are exhausting and hence the carrier has taken special efforts to offer a foam-fiber mattress topper coupled with 400-thread-count bedding for ultimate comfort. Lounge around at 32,000 feet in Temperley London loungewear and an amenity bag filled with skincare products from Elemis. Lastly, Meridian headphones accompany you through your flight as you browse through their impressive 1,000 hours of in-flight entertainment.

According to Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, British Airways’ “teams of designers, chefs, and customer service experts have carefully thought through the details [they] know matter most to [its] customers.” Additionally, in its “centenary year, [the airline has] sought out some of the best British designers and manufacturers to work with to ensure traveling in First with British Airways is an unforgettable experience.”

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