Ruins, caves, cenotes, and deep blue seas…Here are the top 5 things for an adventure seeker to do in Riviera Maya, Mexico

What do you choose to do when nature offers you an 83-mile sweep of outstanding coastline running from the south of Cancún to the Belize border in Mexico? The Riviera Maya offers some unmatched options to spend your valuable time amid ruins, charming caverns, and tree-top adventures. Whether you are a beach bum, a fanatic of unique sightings, or a nature lover who just can’t get enough of beach vacations, Riviera Maya is the place for you. Explore a gamut of activities, pristine unending beaches, numerous all-inclusive resorts, and world-class hotels at this historical locale:

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Enter a mythical world at Cenote Aktun Chen:
Aktun Chen displays the natural beauty of Mexico in full splendor. Pick from tons of activities like zip lining, a wildlife zoo, and a chance to snorkel in the underwater caves and purify your soul in an oasis of crystal-clear waters. The caves of Aktun Chen are ranked among the best underground walking paths in the world. The underground cave with rock formations that go back thousands of years will not only leave you in awe but also provide some amazing photo opportunities. As unreal, they are equally beautiful. It will also take you past an underground river and the many marvels of Mother Nature.

Chill at Xpu Ha beach
A vacation cannot always be enjoyed with a to-do list in hand. Sometimes it is a good idea to stop and stare! Call it Riviera Maya’s best-kept secret or the most fun local hangout; Xpu Ha beach is the destination for unwinding. You could ogle the best of nature all day or bring out your inner child and play on the soft sandy beach. In addition, there is an array of fun activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, or relaxing yoga sessions to choose from before retiring to the fantastic paradise of respite- the Grand Paraiso, which is the flagship of Iberostar’s beach hotels in Mexico.

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Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Cozumel
Water baby or not, one simply cannot return from Cozumel without taking a dip into the bluest blue waters and glimpsing the aquatic wonders. Part of the 600 mile long Mesoamerican Reef, which is the second largest reef in the world the Cozumel Reef is one of the most stunning diving sites in the world. Scuba diving in Cozumel is world famous, and for a good reason. Amateur or professional, nature welcomes everyone with various dive types available. From never-seen-before marine life, whale sharks, sea turtles, and hundreds of types of fish to warm cerulean waters, the wonders of the Caribbean are endless and for you to witness.

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Eat your heart out at The Dining Experience – Tulum
When in Rome, do like the Romans do. And when in Tulum, eat like them! Life is a beach for some, but for some, it is a treat, particularly in Tulum. This immersive dinner begins with a knowledgeable host introducing you to the Yucatan’s vibrant flavors. Guests are seated on a long communal table seating 21 people who indulge in a tantalizing 7-course dinner complete with scrumptious Mexican dishes (prawn & pineapple al pastor skewer or the smoked turkey with poblano mole) and inventive cocktails. The camaraderie in the air is the cherry on the cake.

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Do something touristy and explore the Mayan Ruins-
Yes, it is cliché to do what everyone else does, but one must experience the Mayan ruins. A trip to Riviera Maya is incomplete without visiting even a single one. After all, it is the home to the Mayans’ archaeological masterpieces before the Spanish colonization. They take you back in time to glimpse the life of the Mayans thousands of years ago.

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Enjoy Tulum’s arty streets:
The best part of any vacation is the pictures. Tulum’s streets offer endless photo ops as it oozes art and creativity at every turn. The murals are the work of locals, part of an urban regeneration scheme, the Tulum Art Project. In today’s Instagram and selfie-obsessed age, Tulum provides several vibrant backdrops that could be a welcomed change from the enveloping blue and green hues of nature. Among Tulum’s vibrant street art are works by Emma Rubens, a Tulum mural by Miami-based artist Aquarela Sabol and a striking fish-themed Tulum street mural.

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Stroll, shop, and snack on Playa Del Carmen:
5th Avenue, aka La Quinta Avenida, is a boulevard of bars, shops, galleries, and restaurants. However, the most low-key way to enjoy this coastal resort town in Mexico is to stroll along its palm-lined beaches and coral reefs. This traveler’s hub is the ideal spot to reconnect with your world, a place where wifi and wine flow freely. In addition to offering a laid-back party vibe, Playa del Carmen strikes a balance with surrudning lush manglar forests, and an easy access to the second largest barrier reef in the world, and magical cenotes.

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