AirBNB is offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend the night at the Great Wall of China

AirBNB’s latest contest will give four winners an opportunity to spend a magical night on the Great Wall of China. The Wall is an indelible part of history and while many come from all over the world to see it, nobody has had the chance to live in it. Winners will get to stay the night in a custom-designed home situated on the ancient Great Wall. If ever there was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be had, this is it.

The experience begins with a short hike to one-of-a-kind bedroom on the wall. This is followed by a multi-course gourmet dinner prepared just for you, with each course of this meal intended to represent a different aspect of Chinese culture and the culinary traditions of its people. During the meal, there will be a traditional Chinese concert performed just for you.

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The next morning, the winners will hike to the highest watchtower on the Wall to enjoy the sunrise. The experience will conclude with a lesson in Chinese calligraphy and the chance to make your own customized stamp. Winners will also be invited to learn about the conservation effort of The Great Wall.

This prize is not just epic, but also historic! Each winner can bring a friend along to double the fun. Participate here: AirBNB

Oops! Looks like AirBNB and Chinese officials needed to talk before announcing a stay in the Great Wall of China as a prize for one of their contests. A statement released by the cultural department of the Great Wall said that they had no idea that such an event was in the works. They also revealed that the promised prize would affect their preservation efforts. AirBNB took the set back in stride, stating that while this prize stands cancelled they would look into other initiatives to showcase China’s history and culture. However AirBNB’s press release did state that “there was an agreement in place that was the basis for the announcement of this event”. We have to wonder how much PR cleanup this mess required.

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