Airbus A380: Luxury in the skies

Luxury at its peak is what we would define this experience as. You just have to take a look at it yourself to believe it. The Airbus A380 is not just any aircraft. It redefines the sense of space and style (which are seriously lacking in most aircraft) with its stunning interiors. It is so lavish with space and décor, that you could easily get confused and think that you have entered the new hip bar near your house. Equipped with the state of the art entertainment and business facilities, the A380 makes you feel comfortable and pampered. Acclaimed to be the world’s largest passenger aircraft it features 50 percent more floor space than its nearest competitor. The unique double-deck arrangement not only increases the passenger capacity but also gives the passengers a feeling of a spacious room. The twin-aisle cabins offer wider seats with fewer rows than most big sized aircraft. The blues of a long-distance flight can be forgotten in the relaxing atmosphere. Mood lightings (LED) help de-stress the passenger by simulating day or night.

The Airbus A380 window is also bigger, providing more natural light and a better view outside the aircraft. Long distant passenger will soon demand the A380 to be a mandatory service!

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