Aman resorts is designing a 600 feet long luxury yacht with 50 suites, a beach club, and its own zen garden.

After creating an unbeatable world of luxury and tranquility in some 33 luxury hotels and resorts, luxury Hotel Company is set to do the same on high seas. Owing to an ambitious joint venture between Aman and Cruise Saudi, an entity owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the world will find a new way of exploring destinations- Project Sama. This 600-foot floating hotel superyacht will break all stereotypes and open a new hospitality realm for seagoing guests. The same level of privacy, peace, and discreet service that Aman Resorts hotels are known for will now be offered where one least expects it.

The yacht of serenity, Project Sama, will boast two helipads and a beach club where guests can directly access the sea at the ship’s stern. Project Sama will also be a groundbreaking step for Aman Resorts with 50 suites onboard. These luxury suites will be equipped with private balconies, an array of dining options such as an all-day restaurant, international dining options, and a club and lounge. The serene milieu of the resort is duplicated at the Aman Spa that features a Japanese garden.

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According to National News, Aman chairman, and chief executive Vlad Doronin said, “The announcement of Project Sama marks an exciting moment in Aman’s growth and evolution, as we not only continue to diversify our geographical portfolio on land but also at sea, creating sanctuaries in unfrequented locations and continuing to reframe the concept of luxury hospitality. Project Sama will provide transformative experiences within the revered Aman setting and service, which is unlike any other yacht experience, ultimately creating a whole new category in on the water discovery.” Project Sama meaning tranquility in Sanskrit is set to launch in 2025 has been designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design.

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