American Airlines’ new business class suites are so good that they are even replacing their flagship first class service with it

There has been some talk about American Airlines’ decision of doing away with its international first-class service permanently. While the marquee was tight-lipped on it for a long, we recently seem to have confirmation on the news. The airlines will indeed by getting rid of its flagship first class services, however that’s no matter of grim! The company will instead reveal new seats for its business class and premium economy sections to keep frequent fliers happy.

The new business class suites will include exciting features such as a sliding privacy door and a lounge seating option with more storage space for long-haul flights. Further, in providing impetus to socializing, the airlines will also allow fliers to come together and dine during their sojourns.

The premium economy seats.

Premium economy passengers will also get to enjoy perks such as more space and larger entertainment screens. Commenting on the novel service, Julie Rath, the company’s vice president of customer experience, in a press statement noted:

“The arrival of new long-haul aircraft and the customized seat design of the Flagship Suite seats will offer customers a truly private premium experience on our long-haul fleet.” The new seating will be available on American Airlines’ new Airbus A321XLR and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and the existing Boeing 777-300ER planes. In all, the new service will include 51 Flagship Suite seats and 32 premium economy seats – all slated to make their first sky-bound foray in 2024.

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