Armani Ginza Tower opens a new wine bar in Tokyo

This is probably Armani’s way of wishing all its fans a very happy Valentine’s Day, or at least I would like to think so. The brand which is known for its “exclusive” image has decided to let go of this tag and is actually aiming to reach more people. In its endeavor to expose more people to the Armani lifestyle experience, the brand’s Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo has converted its “members-only” bar into a wine lounge. And the doors to the wine lounge located on the top floor of this tower have been thrown open to the general public!

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Through this lounge, which even has an attached lounge, Armani aims to introduce its Japanese shoppers to the idea of the Italian aperitivo, by offering wine and small bites. The wine lounge boasts of 200 types of Italian wine, 30 of which are from Franciacorta.
The revamped bar opened its door to public last month and even held wine tasting session for Tokyo’s fashion press last week.

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