As no one is flying anymore, Singapore Airlines is converting its uber luxurious business class section on the Airbus A380 into a fine dine restaurant

The world is developing a taste for restaurants in huge passenger aircraft. It started with a Japanese company is offering virtual vacations around the world on a mock-up plane followed by Thai Airways opening an airplane-themed café. Taking the same course is Singapore Airlines as it rolls out “Discover Your Singapore Airlines” and decides to ditch the “flights to nowhere” program. SIA fans can look forward to an unforgettable experience in October and November 2020 that include dining in an Airbus A380, visiting Singapore Airlines’ training facilities, and savoring First and Business Class food and wines at home. For those who don’t want to miss the chance of a wonderful dining experience inside one of the biggest passenger aircraft in the world, SIA’s A380 double-decker superjumbo aircraft will offer a range of international cuisines, and a Peranakan menu curated by Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. To book a slot you can log on to SIA’s KrisShop website from 12 October. It should be known a 15-minute tour of A380 and its private access areas will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. There’s no denying that SIA offers the most amazing in-flight experiences and they are making sure you can reminisce the good old days right at home. It is now possible to order a meal from SIA to be delivered to your homes from 5 October. This opens an extensive culinary world to customers with as many as 10 menus designed for First Class and Business Class customers by world-renowned chefs. Diners will also receive e First Class or Business Class amenity kits along with limited-edition dining ware and other paraphernalia like crystal glasses, tableware sets, and sleeper suits.

Singapore Airlines developed the Discover Your Singapore Airlines experiences as the result of a market study and a comprehensive review and dismissed plans to run a series of scenic ‘flights to nowhere’ after opposition from environmental groups, citing sensible reasons like the high yet entirely avoidable cost of emissions generated by the sightseeing junket.

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[Via: Executive Traveller]

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