Baccarat takes guests inside their shiny world with a 12 day tour worth $300,000

Love crystal? Want to know all about it? Fret not! One of the world’s best-known crystal makers, Baccarat, has created a 12-day tour that lets you enjoy the best they have to offer in six different countries. The 12-day Baccarat Heritage Experience begins and ends at the Baccarat Hotel New York with pit-stops in France, Japan, Turkey, Russia, and South Korea. The price of this crystal-filled sojourn is a jaw-dropping $300,000 (double occupancy).

In New York, guests will enjoy a two-day stay at the Baccarat branded hotel. They can experience a spa treatment at Spa de La Mer, an afternoon tea, dinner at Chevalier, as well as an after-hours tour of the Baccarat store on Madison Avenue.

The next stop is Paris, where the guests will spend two days, complete with a private tour of the Maison and Museé Baccarat. The trip’s Parisian leg also includes a day trip to Lorraine (by helicopter, of course!), where the brand was founded and has a factory. This will be followed by lunch at Chateau Baccarat and an opportunity to view more than 16,000 original sketches of Baccarat’s crystalware.
A private flight will whisk guests off to Istanbul, where the palaces of Beylerbeyi and Dolmabahce await. These are filled with Baccarat crystal chandeliers commissioned by sultans of the Ottoman Empire. After a night in Istanbul, guests will jet off to Moscow for two days to learn about the crystal made for the royal family. They will also have the chance to check out the Maison Baccarat Moscow, located in the same building that once held the Czar’s private pharmacy.

B-bar Tokyo.
B-bar Tokyo.

Tokyo is the next destination where guests can enjoy cocktails, wine, and champagne in B Bar’s extensive crystal glass collection. Before returning to New York, the final stop will be Seoul, where Baccarat recently opened a Maison that houses the largest collection of Baccarat chandeliers in Asia. Guests will be treated to afternoon tea in the Maison café.

Throughout the trip, guests will be accommodated in five-star hotels, and at the end, they will receive a piece of crystal that was individually selected for them as a departure gift.

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