Billionaire Carlos Slim to open museum in Mexico

It seems like buying a property in the vicinity of a museum has inspired the richest man in the world, billionaire Carlos Slim, to open a museum of his own. Reports suggest that the Mexican billionaire who topped this year’s Forbes world’s richest people’s list is all set to open a museum in his native Mexico. The museum will reportedly house artwork by French sculptor Auguste Rodin and will be considered the biggest outside France. After his late wife, Soumaya is scheduled to open in November and is the second museum opened by Slim. The museum is designed by Slim’s son-in-law Fernando Romero and is a six-story, chimney-shaped structure covered in shiny panels.

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Entry into this museum will be free for all, and according to Slim, the lobby will feature a piece by Rufino Tamayo.
The museum will be the anchor of a new development that Slim is building in western Mexico City with an initial investment of $750 million.

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