British Airways is ditching workstations for these futuristic sleep pods at its first class lounges in Heathrow and JFK airports

The world as we know is ever-changing. We don’t always like changes but sometimes change is good especially if it results in good sleep and satisfying rest. Rest and rejuvenation take new shape as British Airways installs sleep pods in First Lounge and Concorde Room at Heathrow Terminal 5 from this Monday. These ‘sleep pods’ will also find a place in the first-class lounges at New York JFK. The sleep pods are the product of Rest Works and this new area of comfort has been dubbed ‘Forty Winks’ replacing the old and largely unused workstation wing of the First Lounge. Not only is the pod uber comfortable, but they are also private (no drool spotting possible) with the presence of a privacy screen and recline into a ‘zero gravity position’. The Sleep Pods would come with ‘a full concierge service’ which makes hot towels and wake-up drinks available for those using the service. Each pod also has two internal compartments for stowing travel wallets, smartphones, and the likes.

Don’t worry about getting lost in the small world of comfort, as a 20-minute ‘power nap’ timer will surely wake you back to reality. Your siesta can be further enhanced by the simple touch of a button that plays a soundtrack of specifically composed sleep music through internal Bose speakers.

Passengers should know they can’t pre-book these futuristic-looking sleep pods. They work on a traffic light system at the entrance to the area and lights on top of the pods to show whether they are occupied or free. One has no choice in the matter but to just turn up at the Forty Winks area to see if any pods are available. There would also be information for those in the lounge showing when pods became free.

The pods are part of British Airways’ blueprint to reset its flight path as a premium airline under new CEO Sean Doyle, “Over the course of the pandemic, we are innovating and we are doing everything we can to make sure that when the customers come back to us, we are ready and they will have a great experience.”

[Via: Executive Traveller]

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