Bulgaria to get Swarovski studded roads for better night driving

Nowadays crystals are showing up on clothes, bags, gadgets, toys, fittings, walls, vehicles and almost every possible surface on earth. But ever imagined a Swarovski studded road divider? You read it right. Not intended for some kind of an opulent marketing strategy, the Bulgarian “Road Safety” Association has planned crystal-studded central dividing line conditions on the road between the Bulgarian coastal towns of Sozopol and Primorsko purely for safety reasons. The divider is intended to be noticeable with Swarovski crystals infused paint. This will help to make it absolutely visible and not-to-be-missed even during bad weather. Larger crystals will be used in the Staviiski Turn, which is touted to be very dangerous and accident-prone. Also the dangerous turn road signs will be with fixed with diamond foil to increase the visibility from distance. And you thought that Swarovski crystals were only used to enhance the bling factor?

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